Schools & Clubs

Liberty Recycling partners with approximately 400 schools, clubs and community groups, who fundraise with clothes collection around the country. In return Liberty Recycling pay the schools, clubs or community groups for each bag collected by our drivers.  We provide our Liberty Recycling collection bags free of charge to the schools or clubs on request.

We pay for every 8 kilo bag collected, which acts as an excellent fundraiser for school and club projects, while also recycling used clothing and footwear.

Fundraise with a clothes collection:

If you are interested in arranging a collection with Liberty Recycling, you can contact us in Head Office Ph – 419 3999 or email us


Shanganagh Park House Community Centre, Shankill, Co. Dublin

We have built what started as a once-off clothes collection fundraiser into a monthly collection. Residents and parents drop clothes, bags, shoes into us on a daily basis and once a month Liberty Recycling collects from us, we receive payment the following week. We have recommended this great fundraiser to other community centres, summer projects, and local groups. Without our clothes collection we would not be able to offer such a fantastic summer project.